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Frequently Asked Questions

Type 1 diabetes is harder to manage in terms of treatment choices, day-to-day care, increased likelihood of emergencies, expense, and emotional toll it takes on patients when diagnosed at a young age. The chance of remission is unlikely without surgical intervention. The good news is scientists are currently developing medications/vaccines that may be able to prevent type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with lifestyle changes, and there are many options for treatment including oral medications that can make taking your medications easier. Many patients with type 2 diabetes can go into remission with appropriate glucose control.

Type 2 diabetics have a greater chance of remission with lifestyle changes including weight loss and diet. It can return if weight gain and poor eating habits return.

Type 1 remission is unlikely without surgical intervention.

No, in fact, insulin therapy is given safely when oral medications are no longer safe or effective.

When signs and symptoms of unexplained weight loss or gain, increased thirst, increased fatigue, blurry vision, increased urination, or increased hunger start. Also, when blood glucose levels are greater than 126 when fasting or two hours after a meal or 200mg/dl regardless of your last meal. If you are in Alabama or Georgia, schedule an appointment today at Priority Virtual Healthcare.

It’s time to start insulin therapy when you have reached the safest maximum dosage of oral or injectable medications and blood sugar levels remain elevated despite your best efforts. In older adults, treatment with insulin may be delayed, ensuring patient safety. Every patient’s therapy is individualized.

All diabetic patients benefit from continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). This monitor helps you view your diabetes as a movie rather than a picture. Finger stick monitoring is still useful to confirm high or low CGM values even if a patient has a CGM.

A high blood sugar for a person diagnosed with diabetes is 250mg/dl or higher. This needs immediate treatment.

A high blood sugar for a person who has not been diagnosed with diabetes is 200mg/dl regardless of your last meal or 126mg/dl on two separate occasions when fasting. This can be treated safely at Priority Virtual Healthcare for patients in Alabama & Georgia.

Test as your doctor indicates. If you are on insulin therapy, test upon awakening, before meals, and bedtime. If you are not on insulin therapy, test before dinner. All should test when feeling sick, dizzy, or weak no matter the time. What is most important though is that you show these readings to a physician or practitioner to see if your medication should be adjusted and to be educated on how to treat elevated or low blood sugars. For evaluation and treatment, please schedule your appointment at Priority Virtual Healthcare. Enter your blood sugar readings to get help with your diabetic control in Alabama & Georgia.

No, you would benefit from seeing a doctor or provider immediately for evaluation and treatment.

No, Metformin does not harm your kidneys. When your kidney function declines, Metformin is discontinued to prevent further complications.

When your blood sugar values are high, this shows your body is struggling to produce its own insulin or respond to the insulin you are naturally producing. Therefore, priority is given to the most life-threatening condition, which is hyperglycemia. Focus on weight loss after treatment has been initiated and blood glucose levels stabilized.

Schedule a diabetic visit today at Priority Virtual Healthcare. We will discuss the reasons why insulin therapy is safe and effective. In fact, many who start insulin therapy may not need to take it forever. Schedule your visit today.