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Priority Virtual Healthcare is aimed at helping the community who struggle with finding affordable healthcare. If you are physically unable to go to the doctor, we provide a simple urgent healthcare solution. A telehealth company with a small-town feel, we have providers that pride themselves on customer service and friendliness. If you have a loved one that would benefit from this visit, we can send a virtual invitation with signed permission from the patient for you to accompany them on a virtual visit.

Our Get A Free Visit Program is designed to help the underserved get quality healthcare where they are most comfortable…at home!!! To get the most out of your care, we ask that you have some or all of the following home monitoring devices present and ready to use during your visit. This way, our providers can give you a baseline assessment of your care. Contact us today!

Patients take advantage of the free visit!! Schedule a visit if you have any of the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!! But for a limited time only. We ask that you remember these visits are on a first come first served basis. Your labs, and prescriptions (if needed) will be covered by your insurance.

NO!! Priority Virtual Healthcare does not prescribe controlled substances. We ask that you please be seen in person by your general practitioner or go to your nearest urgent care or pain management center.

Do you know someone with a thermometer, blood pressure monitor, or pulse oximeter? These items can be used if a doctor is not using the information contained therein for diagnosis and treatment of someone else. We can show you how to properly clean and sterilize each device before use during your visit. If you are diabetic, we DO NOT encourage the shared use of lancets, lancet devices, or glucometers. Please provide your own personal working glucometer and lancet device.

Maybe, antibiotics are not given to all patients upon request Priority Virtual Healthcare has a responsibility for proper antibiotic prescribing. We want to make sure all antibiotics will work for all in the community in the future. Therefore, the need for antibiotic therapy is decided solely on the basis of your healthcare provider.

No, unfortunately we cannot prescribe for STIs via this platform. We ask that you go to your nearest health department, urgent care, or doctors’ office for a proper physical and treatment.

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