Sinus Infections Treatment

Sinus Infections Treatment

Sinus infections affect patients mostly during cold and flu seasons. They affect all genders equally. Although uncommon in children, sinus infections affect adults the most as they have fully formed spaces (sinuses) beside and above the nose that can become mucus filled. The lack of sinuses to drain properly causes such symptoms as headache, fever, facial pain, postnasal drip, sore throat, and cough.

Usually caused by viruses, nasal polyps, pollutants, and chronic allergies, sinus infections can be treated successfully in various ways. If you suffer from chronic sinus infections (lasting longer than 3 months), it’s important that you see an ear, nose, and throat specialist for proper viewing of your sinuses and, in some cases, imaging to see what is causing your frequent sinus infections and help to cure them.

If left untreated for an extended period of time, sinus infections can cause other problems, such as meningitis and vision disturbances. Nasal allergies can be treated reliably by over-the-counter medications, but it’s essential to speak with a provider as chronic use of some over-the-counter medications can become ineffective or cause further sinus problems when used for an extended period of time.

During winter, when the air in your home can dry from the heat, it is important to use a humidifier to prevent nasal passages from drying out and loosening mucously.

Sinus Infections Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions:

Pollutants such as smoking, smoke exposure, viruses, nasal polyps, bacteria and on rare occasions, fungus.

Schedule your appointment with Priority Virtual Healthcare. Our licensed healthcare providers will be able to help you with a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Antihistamines, Nasal Steroids, Saline Rinses, and in some cases antibiotic therapy.

An upper respiratory infection that will not go away after 10 days warrants a visit to your doctor. A physical examination along with your history will help a physician to see if you need further treatment.

Yes, but speak with a provider about the proper way to use them to make sure you are not introducing further germs into your nasal passages.

Yes, Priority Virtual Healthcare providers can perform a physical exam via video conference and get you on the right path to recovery.

The cost for an urgent care visit is $68. This includes one follow-up visit after treatment.

Yes, free appointments are available on Friday. We ask that you make sure that you have a working thermometer, and blood pressure cuff available before your visit.

It’s now time for you to have further evaluation perhaps by your primary care doctor or an ear, nose and throat specialist. Repeated antibiotics can cause resistance and gastrointestinal infections that can make you feel worse.

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